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Bow thrusters


Bow thrusters

Bow thrusters, that keep you going full ahead

De Gerlien van Tiem in Druten has a good name as a quality shipyard, in addition to a spotless reputation as manufacturer of reliable bow thruster installations. Since 1985, De Gerlien’s bow thrusters have been a driving force at the bow of coasters and inland ships. The grid bow thrusters De Gerlien van Tiem’s trademark. Over the years, more than 1500 bow thrusters have been put into operation. That makes De Gerlien the leading producer of bow thrusters to the inland shipping industry.

360º steering radius

The bow thrusters are available with power ratings from 60 to 1000 HP and propeller diameters of 580, 680, 850, 1000, 1200 and 1400 mm. The steering grid is protected against seizing and has a 360º hydraulic steering radius when fully loaded. The propeller shaft has standard parts which are dismantable from the inside of the vessel. In addition to the steering grid type bow thruster De Gerlien also makes bow thrusters from the “four-channel” type with diameters from 800 to 1400 mm.


The complete bow thruster installation is built by our own craftsmen. To fit a vessel with a bow thruster installation by De Gerlien takes only 5 working days. The system can also be delivered as a complete assembly kit or installed at any shipyard at home or abroad.

Reliable force

De Gerlien bow thrusters are reliable in operation, compact and are very powerful. They are simple to operate and steer with great speed from starboard to port. The bow thrusters can be supplied with type approval by well-known classification bureaus. De Gerlien guarantees excellent service 365 days a year with its own teams of technicians.