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Steering grid bow thruster


Steering grid bow thruster

Bow thrusters, that keep you going full ahead

The steering grid bow thruster is available as standard from 100 to 1000 HP and with propeller diameters varying from 580 to 1600 mm. The steering grid is protected against seizing and can be steered hydraulically through 360º at full load. As standard, the propeller can be replaced from the inside. All steering grid models can be powered by diesel, electric or hydro motors.
All our bow thrusters are supplied with type approval certificates from the major classification societies and with the guarantee of service on 365 days a year by our own mechanic teams.

Steering grid type Propeller diameter(mm) Rating(HP) RPM(min)
M.K.I Ø580 100-250 1800-2000
M.K.I Ø680 250-315 1800-2000
M.K.I.C. Ø850 315-350 1800-2000
M.K.I.C. Ø1000 315-430 1800-2000
M.K.I.C. Ø1200 400-510 1800-2000
M.K.D.C. Ø1200 400-680 1800-2100
M.K.I.C. Ø1400 560-725 1800-2100
M.K.I.C. Ø1600 600-1000 1800-2100

No rights may be derived from this table. Information is subject to change and may be adjusted at any time by Gerlien van Tiem. All other models can be supplied on request.

Advantages of a Gerlien bow thruster

The big advantage is that you can turn to us for the all in one formula.
We manufacture the bow thruster, we install the thruster in a competent manner in the shortest possible time and afterwards you benefit from our 24/7 service.