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Ship repair


Ship repair

Ship repair & conversion

De Gerlien van Tiem supplies a full range of products and services. We have years of experience and are familiar with all the facets of ship repair, maintenance and conversions. From mending minor damage to complete overhaul. Other specialised work we can do for you:

  • Rebuilt tankervessel from single hull to double hull
  • Wintermaintenance passengervessels
  • Raising of cargo trunk
  • Conversion of freighters to hopper barges
  • Survey work of tankers
  • Steelwork such as livestock decks and semi-floating tanks
  • Building of complete accommodations
  • Renewing of steel floor in cargo hold spaces
  • Any damage above the waterline
  • Overhaul and replacing of main engines
  • Overhaul from propeller shaft installations
  • Construction of pontoons and mooring jetties
  • Deliver and fitting of steering gear installations, rudders and generators
  • Deliver of tanks and pipe systems (including stainless steel)

All ship repairs and conversions are neatly finished and done with the utmost care. The work is done by our own well-trained craftsmen with years of experience. Our approach gives you a surprising sense of peace through every stage of the process