De Gerlien van Tiem bv

Spacious dock facilities


Spacious dock facilities

De Gerlien van Tiem has 3 docks where every fore or aft part of the vessel can be lifted out of the water.

Name dock Length(m) Width(m) Lifting capacity(tons)
Nop dock 28 11,60 350
Jimmy dock 30 13 750
Maxi dock 35 18 1100

These docks are fully equipped so that all work can be done quickly and professionally. There are special mooring pilings for mooring at the dock. The work that can be done at these docks include:

  • Propeller changes
  • Relining replacing, installing rudders
  • To fit nozzles and making tunnel adjustment
  • Bow thruster repair
  • Propeller shaft repairs and replacements

Furthermore De Gerlien has two working pontoons, 7 tower cranes and a mooring quay of 155 meters length.