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New building


New building

Ship building

De Gerlien van Tiem has also been active in new building since 1995. A work pontoon “Lieneke” with complete work-shop and machinery has been created in our harbour in such a way that ships up to 135 meters long can easily moor there.

Container ships, tankers, hopper barges and passenger vessels are completely assembled and fitted with all the required equipment and machines. Through active co-operation with specialised suppliers, each hull is converted into a complete, modern, reliable ship for inland navigation.

Turnkey deliveries

Many types of finished assembly are possible. The strength of De Gerlien van Tiem is the complete turnkey delivery of a complete assembled vessel. All steps of the process can be performed. This everything-under-one-roof formula cuts time and costs to an absolute minimum.

If you decide to embark on a project with De Gerlien van Tiem, we can provide housing to you and your family while your vessel is being completed.